Vintage Herb and Spice LabelsChalkboard Style Herb and Spice LabelsIn getting my new house organized and decorated, I found it the perfect time to update my herb and spice jars with this vintage chalkboard style design. I stocked up on these simple glass spice jars with a stainless steel lid that I found at World Market as they are a perfect fit for 9 across in my spice drawer. For this printable I did my best to include all herbs, spices, salts, peppers and even extracts. I also included a page of lid labels since I like that added touch to the simple understated bottle. You can easily print the 4 page PDF onto 1.5 inch round label paper. You can also print onto a full sheet label paper and use a 1.5 inch punch to cut your circles. One trick when you print on the full sheet paper is to peel the label backer off, then replace it right before punching the circles. This will help the backer come off easier once trimmed. Enjoy these herb and spice labels! My pantry organizing is next week and I am designing some coordinating labels for all of those jars and canisters. Cheers! ~ Lia

UPDATE: I have also created a set of coordinating pantry labels and gluten-free pantry labels for you. Go to post.

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