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Printable Vintage Herb and Spice Bottle Labels

Vintage Herb and Spice Labels Chalkboard Style Herb and Spice Labels In getting my new house organized and decorated, I found it the perfect time to update my herb and spice jars with this vintage chalkboard style design. I stocked up on these simple glass spice jars with a stainless steel lid that I found at World Market as they are a perfect fit for 9 across in my spice drawer. For this printable I did my best to include all herbs, spices, salts, peppers and even extracts. I also included a page of lid labels since I like that added touch to the simple understated bottle. You can easily print the 4 page PDF onto 1.5 inch round label paper. You can also print onto a full sheet label paper and use a 1.5 inch punch to cut your circles. One trick when you print on the full sheet paper is to peel the label backer off, then replace it right before punching the circles. This will help the backer come off easier once trimmed. Enjoy these herb and spice labels! My pantry organizing is next week and I am designing some coordinating labels for all of those jars and canisters. Cheers! ~ Lia

UPDATE: I have also created a set of coordinating pantry labels and gluten-free pantry labels for you. Go to post.

Vintage Spice Labels Herb and Spice Bottle Labels Chalkboard Labels Printable Spice Labels HerbSpiceButton

  1. I see that you mentioned a new editable pdf will be available soon. I desperately need to organize my spice and was just curious how soon this will be available.

  2. Hi Lia,

    I love these labels so much! I just added all of them to cylinder spice jars. There are a few more I need that you don’t have and I couldn’t find the editable one in your Easy shop. Can you send the link or let me know how I can edit them. If you have an editable one for the coordinating pantry labels, I’d like that one as well. Thanks!

    • Hi, we took them off the Etsy shop because people found them too hard to edit in Word. Lesson learned, we are designing new ones in an editable pdf, stay tuned for next weeks reveal.

  3. I love these labels so much but couldn’t get the scaling right with my printer. Are they still available through your etsy store? or any tips on printing? I went to world label to try to download from there but didn’t see them! Thanks!! <3 <3

    • I would print them on full sheet labels rather than try to match up the circle labels. It always seems to be a disaster to line things up. Love the round punch.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these! You are really helping me get my spices in order! Any chance I can edit these? Im missin a label for Onion Powder, Onion Salt, Italian Seasoning, and Garlic Salt. They look fabulous and I can wait to do it to the rest of my pantry items :)

  5. You are so amazing! Thanks for your work!

  6. can i print these off at like an officemax or staples? what type of paper do i ask for. any help appreciated

    • Hi Lance,
      Yes you can definitely print them off at Officemax or Staples. I used label paper and then cut them with an exacto knife. Hope that helps!

  7. Hi
    I love your works.
    I will try to pint these spice labels. I will do on full sheet like u recommended and the hole puncher. Inquiry do u recommend the weatherproof paper and which one incase it get wet? There are so many paper types and choices. Thank you!

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  9. Could I ask you what printer you use to print these? I have an hp photosmart but it’s rubbish! I need a replacement to do things like this and scrap booking etc but I don’t what to get

    • Hi, I have a Xerox phaser laser printer but it is a heavy duty office printer. I love it though. I usually recommend my readers to print smaller quantities at an office supply store. In the US we often use FedEx Kinkos, not sure what the UK equivalent is. Hope you find something that works for you!

  10. These label series are gorgeous! How about Garam Masala?

  11. Hi Lia!
    I am in love with all of your work! Especially what you’ve done to beautify spice jars, and all jars! You are so talented! How can I purchase more spice labels, or get customized ones made? Does it come with font aswell?


  12. I recently used the kraft paper style pantry labels, however the print on them was very light and quite difficult to see….It did not appear that way on my screen…Can you someway darken the color on the print…thank you….Patricia

    • Are you using an ink jet printer? If so it will not print as dark since too much ink saturates the paper. Try taking it to a place that offers laser printing service. FedEx Office or most office supply stores have this service.

  13. Hi Lia, I love the look of all the labels! x Lin

  14. I love these labels! I am actually making a photo album wedding gift for a family friend and i needed a guide to model my custom stickers from so i can create some unique cute stickers to put on each page of the album. Its a craft of my own and YOU are helping me bring it to life! Thank you!

  15. Love these! Since Facebook is notorious for not letting page owners know when I tag them, I thought I would stop by myself and let you know I featured this post and my readers loved it!

  16. Thank you for the labels to print. Now I can label all of my spice jars that I have for the ones that I have and grow. They are very nicely done

  17. I printed the pantry labels without problems…can’t do the spices. In reading the posts, I see I’m not the only one. Can you help me please??? Thanks so much–LOVE these!

  18. Could you possibly include a label for mace? I use it all the time when baking, it’s a great spice!

  19. Thank you for the beautiful labels- One question, I printed on a decal sticker sheet and tried to punch the whole with the fiskars and had a lot of trouble. Do you think it was because the decal paper is much thinner than the Avery label paper?

  20. These are absolutely the best! You have such great ideas. I’m excited to incorporate them in my home. Question – what do you use to round punch the lables from a full label sheet?

  21. Late to finding these but love them. I have opened them in photoshop so that I can make some other custom labels (for other stuff I have floating around the house and also to label up some crafty jars, but I just love the font you have chosen and want to do the whole house (and a few garden) labels in it. Can you tell us which font it is you have used. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • I also sell the blank ones in my Etsy shop for $5. The fonts are LiebaKlara and Haymaker. If you don’t want to buy the font but do want matching labels, I offer custom labels in Etsy to match as well.

  22. Hi Lisa, My Mom just passed away and I inherited an old fashioned spice rack. I used your labels and gave it a spruce up. It looks great!! The only problem is I need onion powder to complete the collection. Any chance you are going to make that one?

  23. These are fabulous!!! Thank you!

  24. THANK YOU! I just stumbled across your blog and am now a subscriber! These are to die for! I just revamped my whole spice cabinet with your labels and the jars you recommended. Totally impressed with how it all turned out. Your labels are amazing. Is there anyway I can edit the PDF to add a few more spices that I use that weren’t included? Herbs de Provence, Italian Seasoning, Old Bay, Baking Powder, Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, Taco Seasoning and Lemon Pepper. Thanks!

  25. OMG! You are so creative. Thanks for sharing these Spices Labels.
    Now if you could please tell me where do I go to buy only sheets which are required for these Spices labels.
    I just have normal plain paper.
    What Store and can I get only 4 Sheets and What exactly is the name of those sheets.
    Thanks a lot!

  26. The labels are being printed in blue color instead of brown.What’s wrong?????????

  27. Hello Lia

    Your labels are fabulous!! Can you tell me where you bought your spice bottles? Also, I’m wondering if they are air tight? I’ve been searching for air-tight spice bottles and have not had any luck. Thanks.

  28. Hi Lisa, I looove the spice labels, however am afraid I have the same problem as the others, 90% downloading and it stops, do you min emailing them to me? thanks a million!!!

  29. When I print with the avery8293 1 .5 in labels it is slightly off, am i doing something wrong?

    • Several options to consider. First, make sure you are printing the “Paper Size” is marked for actual size not fit. Second, if that does not work, know that every printer handles paper different. This is why I use full sheet labels and a round punch to trim them. You can find 1.5 inch punches at your craft store or on Amazon.

  30. I am having trouble downloading these labels, any suggestions?

  31. I like some of the others can’t get the herb labels to download–have tried several times and fails to complete it at >90%
    Was able to download pantry ones without incident. Can you e-mail me the herb/spice
    ones as well Thanks

  32. Hi, I just found your site as I was searching for pantry labels because I just finished a kitchen renovation. I feel like I hit the jackpot! I love your pantry labels, spice jar labels and your canning labels. I can’t seem to download them though. I just get a black screen. I have a iMac. Can you help? Thank you and I will be back visiting your site often. Great work!

    • The files are quite large due to the chalkboard background. Give it a minute or two to load and it will come up. :-)

      If this does not work, let me know.

      • Yeah, I just transferred everything from my old iMac to a new iMac. I can’t get it to load at all on the new iMac. The only thing that comes up is a black page. You can’t see the little bar at the bottom that shows up as it is loading??? I gave my old computer to the kids and went and tried to load it there and it worked just fine. So, really weird??? I don’t know, but at least I got them. :o) YAY!!! Thank you so much for these! I have soapstone counters and these look so GREAT! Thanks for your note back too. So kind!

  33. Just found you! I couldn’t love your sight any more than I do, if I tried! Looking so forward to seeing all and everything you share…but hours have gone by, and I really need to get to my job! Thanks so much for it all!!!!! =)

  34. Lia–I adore these labels, but can’t seem to download the file. My computer says the file is damaged and can’t be retrieved. Any tricks I can try to get the file to work?



  35. Lia , these labels are so cute. However I have tried printing them at home and at work. The problem is that most of the labels are light and have faint lines and/or small spots. These imperfections are evident when the download appears on the computer screen. Just a few labels are black . Can you help?

  36. I LOVE these and your pantry ones too. I can’t get this set to download all the way though-it hits about 90% and then stops. Anything I can do to get them as I’d love to have the entire set? Thanks so much!! :)

  37. love the labels, only missing two, minced onion and pine nuts. Any chance you could add them?
    I printed them on paper, cut each circle out, covered each circle with a larger piece of clear contact paper, trimmed contact paper to about 1/4 each larger than circle and placed on jar. Now the labels are protected and won’t smear.

  38. These are amazing. any way i can get the file to be able to add my own spice names that aren’t in the pdf?


    • Hi Melissa. I offer blanks in my Etsy shop that you can use with your own font. If you want them to match I offer custom labels too. Send me a message with your list through Etsy and I can give you a price for the custom.

  39. I was wondering if you could make a blank set? I am starting a bath and body business and would love to label my herb and flower jars. I would also love a blank set of the pantry labels as well.
    These would look just amazing in my business.
    Thanks so much.

  40. Shared the pantry labels with my daughters. Love them. Spray painted lids from jars Pickles, olives etc. red and added the labels. Cute as can be… Mahalo Need to make one for pancake mix

  41. Aloha, I tried to download the spice labels too and was stuck at 95%. Would you please send me the smaller file also. Trying to get my granddaughter set up moving to Oahu next week for school. Mahalo

  42. Hello,

    i’ve been trying to download the file but i was unable to. Any suggestions on how can i get it?:)

    Thank you!

    • This is a big file because of the background. I just reduced it a bit to see if that will help. Try again and give it a minute or two to download for you.

  43. Hello, I adore your chalkboard labels as they are perfect for my spice jar project. Is there another way to download the labels? My computer seems to be stuck at 95% of the download. I am interested in the 1.5 round vintage herb labels. Many thanks!

  44. I love your labels. I just finished attaching them to my new vertical spice rack last night and it looks great with the labels; however, it is missing a few. I did not see one for onion powder, pumpkin spice, and wasabi. Any chance you can create them?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Stacy, I do create custom labels over at my Etsy shop. Send me a message there and I will give you a price and set up the order for you.

  45. I just used these to give my tired ol’ spice bottles a little facelift – these turned out SO cute!! Thank you so much for sharing them!! And thanks for having such a big variety of spice names ready to go – most sets just don’t have everything I need. These were perfect and adorable!

  46. These are just too cute! Will be printing them soon. Thank you!!

  47. Hi Lia! Love the labels! I too have tried to download the file and have been unable to. It gets about 90% done and then gets stuck! Would love to be able to print these! I hope you can help! /thanks!

  48. Hi Lia,
    These are gorgeous and totally what I need to redo my spice jars! I am trying to download them but whenever I hit the download button, it takes me to a blank page. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Elizabeth, It is a very large file. Just give it a minute to show up (it will look too dark at that point) then you can download from your browser.

  49. This is gorgeous!!!! I must have for my kitchen!! 😀

  50. These are great! Just wondering if you have blank labels available as well, for things like spice mixes that I make up myself?

  51. Those are really amazing!

    I found this on World Label and I have made a post on our blog:

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and inspiring creations!


  52. Wow, these are wonderful! Great photos.
    Thank you!

  53. Is there anyway to make these for 2′ labels?

  54. Thank you so much for sharing your labels. I can’t wait to start organizing my spices.

  55. These are just too adorable! Great job on the design! Thank you so much for sharing!

    KarenT in TX

  56. It’s ironic I’ve been trying to make my own for the last 2 weeks and now I don’t have to! I love these and I have pretty much the same jars. Thanks these are perfect!!

  57. Caram !! quin munt que en tens, la teva cuina i la teva casa quedarà increïblement bonica amb el teu bon gust i les teves bones idees.
    Una abraçada.

  58. Love them! I collect my own herbs and spices and those com e in handy for labelling the jars.

  59. I love your style and presentation. These labels are great. Thanks!

  60. Ooh how pretty. I can’t wait to organize my spices. Thank you so much!

  61. Now that you’ve seen my kitchen, you know these will match perfectly! My spice jars are in major need of a makeover. :)

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