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Sunny Yellow Paper Ranunculus to Welcome in Spring

Yellow Paper Ranunculus Today is the first day of spring! It is so predictable that here in Portland it has rained all day. To add a pop of sunshine into all of our lives I made these cheery yellow paper ranunculus flowers today.

Paper Ranunculus in Yellow DIY Paper Ranunculus Printable Paper Ranunculus Below is the button for the printable PDF, ready for you to download and print. The yellow ranunculus has both a back and front watercolor print and these flowers work best when printed on a letter weight white printer paper. I am also including the pink paper ranunculus PDF that is shown here in my tutorial. The pink version has only one side to print as I left the other white. Give these little blooms of sunshine a try. They are perfect to top a gift, wear in your hair or to decorate a Spring table setting. Remember ro share the love by. . . liking my Facebook page, following me on TwitterPinterest and/or Instagram. Happy Spring! ~ Lia

Paper Ranunculus Tutorial YellowPaperRanunculusPinkRanunculusButton

  1. I’ve been following you for years, and always crossing fingers that you’d do a ranunculus! They’re definitely among my favorite ‘tattered’ fluffy blooms, and like peonies, I can never manage to get the live version to stay fluffy long enough for a project. These paper lovies are the cure for my floral ills! Thanks so much for creating my faves, and I’m sure I’ll be using these patterns for decades to come. HUGE congrats on your cricut win and successes! Can’t think of another crafter more deserving of epic notice!

  2. thanks so much for your fab flower tutorials

  3. I love your paper flowers, and the templates are so helpful! I’m making paper flower bouquets for my wedding in November and I’ve been using your flowers and even tracing the templates on book pages for some beautiful accents.

    Do you have any tips for how to attach the ranunculus to floral wire to include in my bouquet?

    • Congraulations on your upcoming wedding! It warms my heart to know that you will be using paper flowers. Do a spiral of the wire and glue it on to the bottom of the flower and cover with green floral tape.

  4. These are lovely. Thank you for the template!

  5. Hi Lia! Will you be doing these in an outline (black and white) version? Color ink can get so pricey especially since I’ll be doing them for my wedding. Sorry I haven’t shared a photo of my “M” from Mother’s Day last year! My mom really loved it! :)

    • Great to hear about your mom! I should be able to share the outline. I will put it on my list, but feel free to remind me. You can email at hello at lia griffith dot com.

  6. These are GORGEOUS and SO EASY to make! Do you have any other colors or just the yellow & the purple/green? I’m using them for my sister’s wedding & would love additional soft colors if you have them!

    Your site is a serious money saver for us! We’re using the roses and feathers, too! Thank you SO MUCH!

  7. I made one just now and I just love these flowers!!!!! Thank u soo much for the pattern..I made mine out of my own yellow paper and inked the edges. Just wanted u to know cause u inspired me cause of ur pattern. I can’t thank u enough!!!!!! I can’t purchase any right now so this gives me a BIG smile!!!

  8. Thank you very much for sharing the templates of flowers. On Guam, we are very limited to what resources we have. I print out the templates and have my friend trace them onto a hard plastic and cut them out so I can reuse them over and over again. We don’t have Michaels, Joannes, etc. here, just Ben Franklin and they don’t carry too much and is very, very expensive because they know there is no competition. Please, please continue sending templates of flowers, and other things to make my arts and crafts easier for me to do. Once again, thank you very much. From far away Guam, Dawn

    • You are so welcome Dawn. It makes me smile to know that my work is being used all over the globe. The plastic template idea is brilliant. :-)

  9. Hi, Lia.
    I heard about your blog recently, through Amber from Damask Love. I love everything in your blog, such creativity and gorgeousness!!! And you even share all these templates… I’m in love with your flowers, they are so very beautiful. A million thanks :).

  10. Hi! Your flowers are lovely! Could you possibly create a pattern for lotus flowers, magnolias and dogwoods? Those are some of my favorite flowers! Thanks!

  11. Hello,
    I would like to do the pink ranunculus, and I noticed there was not a second page to do the back. Is there suppose to be?


  12. This are awesome easy and work great.
    Here’s what I have been putting together, and testing a pomander (kissing ball)

  13. Do you have an outline version of these? I tried printing on some color paper and they are quite difficult to see the edges..

    • Print them on white paper then. I may do an outline version when I have time. Right now I am up to my eyeballs in Christmas posts. :-)

      • Thanks for the post these are all awesome, What I like is they are not overtly complicated like some other big name in crafts…. Not to knock Martha but If i need to bring out a blender and an oven for a craft, its too much! I can’t wait to see some Christmas/holiday ideas!

  14. LOVE!!!! your website! Thank you for al the great tutorials and free downloads.

  15. Oh these are stunning, is that May Arts silk?

  16. Thank you very much for this PDF. The ranunculus are so beauty full. I will make them for my cards.

  17. I’m getting married in November and I want to make a bouquet out of ranunculus, could you please show me how to make it with the stem (flower wire)? My colors are lilac (or shades of purple) and light teal. Is it possible to get the flowers to be in those colors? I also loved the roses bouquet you did :) This website is wonderful!

    • Thanks Patricia! I can make those colors for you in my Etsy shop. It would be under the custom color paper flower listing. I can also show you how to add a stem to them for a bouquet.

  18. I am making these for Mother’s Day! I am actually decorating a papier mache “M” with them…can’t wait to see how it turns out :) Thanks for all of your amazing work!

    P.S. This is also good practice for a diy wedding :)

    • Share a photo when you are done. It sounds gorgeous! I was just thinking to make my front door wreath with yellow ranunculus. We are so on the same page. 😉

  19. I love your website. Is there anyway you can make white ranuculous with green center? Thank you.

  20. This reminds me of how a cabbage grows. :-) I recently bought two bouquets of red/yellow ranunculus at JoAnn’s to put in a vase on my dresser in the bedroom. Yours would have been much less expensive and just as pretty!

  21. Oh how I love your flovers! :) I’m planning to give them my grandmother, she’ll be so happy.
    Thank you.

  22. Tens molt bon gust, m’agrada tot el que fas, quines flors més maques!!
    Moltes gràcies per deixar-nos totes les explicacions i poder imprimir-les.
    Una altra abraçada des de Catalunya.

  23. Thanks for this great tutorial!! Another amazing Inspiration.

  24. I love yellow and kraft together! Beautiful!

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