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Three DIY Leather Bracelets

DIY Leather Bracelets Happy Friday everyone! Yesterday I had a great time creating these leather bracelets as a gift for my daughter (and a few for myself), one with her favorite quote. They turned out great and were so simple to make that today I am  sharing both the tutorial and patterns for the three bracelet variations. I have a wonderful stash of metallic leather I bought at a garage sale last summer just waiting for me to make a few bags and totes, but in the meantime I trimmed a few end pieces for this project. For the third bracelet I found a scrap bin at my fabric store selling pieces for 50¢ each, just large enough for this bow cuff bracelet. I love the mix of texture and color worn together, but they are also a statement on their own. What a great gift idea for just about anyone! Below you can follow my step-by-step tutorial for the bracelets and at the end of the post you can download the pattern. This pattern fits a 6.5 inch wrist, but you can adjust for any size. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Three Leather Bracelets DIY DIY Leather Bracelets Leather Bracelets DIY Leather Bracelet Tutorial LeatherBraceletPatternButton

  1. Hi had a question how did you cut the blue leather what kind of scissors did you used?

    Thank you for sharing..
    love all of them!

  2. Hi, my name is Rebecca! I absolutely loved this idea, however, your pattern is slightly flawed. Though, admittedly, I did use a thicker leather, the bow bracelet pattern made a bracelet that was far too small, even for my teenage daughter! The braid was only slightly better. So, as a disclaimer for the folks out there, a thicker leather will require you to enlarge the pattern to accommodate. Other than that, I loved the idea!

    • Thanks Rebecca. I am thinking that when you printed the PDF it may have fit to page rather than printed at full size, thus making it a smaller pattern. One thought, try the patten on before cutting the leather and adjust or reprint at that time.

  3. you are amazing

  4. Hi… Amazing and well done! So cute, looks great.
    That looks awesome…leather bracelet

  5. These are all so beautiful! I would wear everyone of them. Where did you get the leather stamps? Was just thinking I needed something like that for another leather project I had in mind. ~M.

  6. Cool! I’m all about recycling, so I’m thinking you could use these patterns with old bike tubes as well, if you didn’t have any leather scraps.

  7. Lia, I’m definitely going to make these! I’ve been hanging on to pieces of leather that were probably from a sample book. I bought them at a thrift store for $5. I’ve already given away several pieces. Just been looking for perfect projects for them. I think I’ve found one!

  8. ohhh… i definitely want to make the one with the bow!!

  9. Oh these are incredible, love them. I think these bracelets might be something my hubs might want to try. He’s pretty good at crafting himself. He’s made wire jewelry before much better than I ever could. Hubs had a stroke almost 3 yrs. ago and needs to use his hands, especially left hand that was affected by the stroke, plus he’s left handed.
    My hands don’t work too well at this point in my life, very little strength and dexterity.
    Excellent choice of ideas also. You are a genius but I might have told you that before, if I haven’t I should have.
    Thank you for the patterns, sure helps. Think hubs will be able to make the twisted leather one better than I ever could. Excited to start making them. Think I have some leather pieces myself that will get us started. Again, thanks so much. Happy weekend

  10. Hi, Lia. Just wanted to say how much I like
    your tutorials. They’re always so easy to follow.
    Your projects are always “spot on!’ (as Mel B
    would say-ha!)

  11. So cute!

  12. Really cool Lia!! It probably takes a while to get out of a craft store going with you haha :)

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