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Yo Ho! Let’s Go to a Kid’s Pirate Party

Pirate Party Food TablePirate Party FoodPirate Party Fruit SkewersPirate Party GoodiesParty Party KidsPirate Party Kids TablePirate Party Treasure MapsPirate Party Costume BoxPirate Party FavorsPirate Party CostumesShip Sail CupcakesPirate Ship CupcakesAbout a month ago over a Saturday latte, my friend Anna casually asked me if I might have some party ideas for an upcoming event to celebrate her boys 2nd and 4th birthdays. A pirate party was to be the theme, since their favorite cartoon characters live in Neverland. It took me all of 5 minutes to volunteer to design a full-on, bright and colorful party, featuring parrots, palm trees and pirate ships. After a month of planning, designing and making, this is the pirate party that evolved. It was a hit! Here are the details for the decorations and food that Anna, a few helping hands and I prepared:
PAPER & LABEL PRINTABLES: designed and illustrated by me and available at my Etsy shop. See image below for the full kit description. STRIPED BAGS, & CHEVRON STRAWS: Shop Sweet Lulu. KRAFT GABLE BOXES: Paper Mart 6x6x9 (the treasure chest labels are part of the printable kit). LARGE PALM TREES: Super simple DIY wrapping a pole with burlap fabric and cutting out leaves from green paper. KID’S TABLE PIRATE SAIL: DIY by me and if anyone would like instructions and material specs, let me know. PIRATE SCARF & EYE PATCH: DIY and I will share a pattern for both on an upcoming post. TREASURE BAG: 6×8 inch Muslin bags. SKULL & CROSS BONE STENCIL: I will provide a template & tutorial on an upcoming post. PARTY FOOD & DRINK: Juice boxes, sangria (for adults), lemon water, tropical fruit skewers, mini pirate bananas, fish & chips (potato chips & goldfish), pirate booty (puffed popcorn), cannon balls (meat balls) octodogs (mini hotdogs) sandwich wraps, watermelon boat and balls, chocolate cupcakes with coconut cream frosting. Stay tuned for more pirate party post. Cheers! ~ LiaPirate Party Kit


  1. Hi, beautiful party! I was looking for the palm tree tutorial but couldn’t find it.

  2. Hi Lia, got the package and love it, thank you! One question, do you print the treasure chest labels for gable box in regular paper or in sticker sheets? Sticker sheet might be tricky since you can’t unglue! Just wondering how you did this, thanks :)

    • I used label paper for these and carefully applied them to the boxes when they were still flat. You can use regular paper and glue if you like but may not get a smooth finish.

  3. HI LIA,



  4. I’ve been trying to find you on Etsy but can’t seem to have any luck. When I try to go directly from here, it says -not available or something. Can you please let me know how to get to you, I’m interested in Pirate party package, thanks.

  5. Wow, that party turned out amazing! I could not find the palm tree cut out tutorial though and look forward to using the kabob holder as an idea for my son’s first birthday. Do you have the link? Also, is that styrofoam underneath the burlap? It is beautifully made, I hope I can recreate!

    • I don’t have a palm tree tutorial up yet. I did have a foam ball at the top of the tube for the leaves to poke into. The palm leaves are just hand cut.

  6. I love all of your ideas! Have you posted the palm tree tutorial yet? It looks like maybe you used burlap? I would really like to have the details! Thank you!

    • I have not and need to get to it!! I used a carpet tube with a foam ball on top. Wrapped it all with burlap strips, hot gluing as I went. I then cut large leaves from green paper while folded lengthways and glued bamboo skewers on the inside spine with the point sticking out a few inched. I then stuck the skewer into the foam to create the top of the tree.

  7. I am in love with the Palm Tree and the Kids Table Pirate Sail! Unless I am lacking sleep, I am not finding the tutorial for the Palm Tree or Table Sail. Could you direct me in the right direction?

    • I have not posted either of those so it isn’t you. . . it’s me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ When is your party? I seem to have some requests for that palm tree and was thinking to get it posted pronto.

  8. Where did you print everything out?

    • Before I bought my Xerox laser printer for the business, I would use FedEx Office or other office supply stores that offer laser printing. The price for color ranges from 60ยข to $1 each depending on the size.

  9. Where did you purchase the striped bags.

  10. Hi, where did u get the muslin bags, also I would love to see a tutorial on how you made the ship sail and flag. Also where did u print the hats out at, thank you

    • Hi Lacey! I found these bags at a local craft store, but you can find them on Amazon. The link is in the text at the end of the post. I printed the hats at FedEx office on an 11×17 card stock. The hat designs are available in my printable kit for this party.

  11. I can’t seem to find the pirate printable on Etsy and would love to purchase for my son’s upcoming party. Is there another way to get it?


  12. Everything was so cool Lia!! I love the octodogs they make me smile :)

  13. Thanks Lia! Liv is going to think she’s famous. It was an amazing party!

  14. We LOVED it!! It was an amazing party, would highly recommend for any little pirates out there:)

  15. This is AWESOME! I’m sure any child would love this for his/her birthday!

  16. Oh my goodness, Lia, it turned out AMAZING!! So much for just “whipping something up”. :) I’m totally in love with the printables, too…the colors, patterns, and graphics are all just perfect. Well done, my friend!! :)

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