DIY_Palm_TreeSummer party ideas are always on our mind this time of year and seeing a trend for the humble pineapple, this summer we decided to create everything you would need to host your own Luau. Last week we shared our Luau party invitations and cute glitter pineapple party decorations. Today I am sharing my tutorial for our DIY Palm Tree – because if you’re going to throw a Luau then you have to have a couple paper palm trees right? These are statement decorations that get a lot of attention and create a wonderful WOW factor to your Hawaiian, Paradise or Beach themed party. I love creating over-sized pieces like this but they have to be easy to make, inexpensive and disposable – which these are!! Just recycle the tube and paper and keep the burlap back for future craft projects.

Begin by picking up two or three carpet inner tubes from your local carpet store – I find that they are usually willing to give these away for free. These will form the trunks of the palm trees. I cut mine down to size to give a three level look. You’ll need to cut burlap fabric into strips to cover the carpet tubes. Simply wind it around and glue it into place along the way using a hot glue gun. You can pick up the foam balls for the top of your palm trees from your local craft store. The PDF below contains the template for the palm leaves – simply download and print onto regular printer paper then tape them together to form the large palm leaf shape. We bought a roll of green school paper to make our leaves but you can just as easily buy large sheets of paper from your local craft or stationery store or better yet a green fabric. Use your template to draw the leaf onto the wrong side of the paper, cut out and glue a long bamboo skewer down the middle to give it strength and rigidity. Then you just need to poke the sharp end of the skewer into the foam ball and you have yourself an impressive handmade paper palm tree. Of course adding the foam ball coconuts is an option too. Tie your trees to a table, fence post or arbor for safety and you are good to go! ~ Lia

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