The main materials to create the tutus are tulle and crochet tutu top. I added links to the exact crochet tutu tops that we used in the Shop this Project section. You should be able to find tulle at any local craft or fabric store. We bought ours in 6-inch wide rolls, but you can also buy them in bolts. If you are buying the tulle in bolts, you will need to cut them into 6-inch wide strips. Be sure to reference our cutting tips in the instructions to do this! Once you have your materials ready, follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below for assembling your DIY tutu. The photo tutorial specifically shows you how to create the princess tutu, but you can use the same techniques for the fairy and witch tutus. The difference between the three tutus (princess, fairy and witch) is the color combinations and the lengths. 

Feel free to take our color choices as light suggestions! We especially liked adding the glittery tulle accents. We also paired our princess costume with our papercut crown for an extra sparkly accessory. I encourage you to take this project and run with it. It’s a great opportunity to create something together with your little one! When we were first creating this project and the tutus started coming to life, everyone in the studio began wanting their own (naturally!). So, if you want to make an adult-sized tutu, our master seamstress added bonus instructions explaining the formula for how to create a tutu at any size. I also added a link to Shop this Project for various sizes of crochet tops to make larger tutus. Stay tuned for the tutorials for our tutu accessories – the fairy costume comes with a felt head wreath and wand, and the witch costume comes with a tutorial for a no-sew witch hat. For other DIY costume ideas, browse our entire Halloween section. Happy Halloween! ~ Lia 

tutu4 tutu5 tutu3 tutus21tutu3ways_tutorial