The countdown is on!

Day one is all about being cozy, comfy, and content. Yes, we’re talking about Hygge! Our linen throw blanket pictured below is a popular craft that you can make in just seven steps. But what else could you make? Click the day one link or image to see more DIY gift ideas that help your loved ones live their best Hygge life.

DAY ONE: Hygge Gifts

Day two is gifts for pet lovers! We’ve got leather dog leashes, fun cat toys, and more for you to make. Just browse our selection of cat and dog crafts to find the purrfect DIY gift idea for your favorite furry friends. Your loved ones will appreciate it and so will their pets!

DAY TWO: Gifts for Pet Lovers

Day three is gifts for outdoor lovers! These DIY gift ideas are perfect for those who prefer to be outside and enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hiking,  and gardening. Click the link below to explore all of our ideas — and see how simple they are to make!

DAY 3: Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

Day 4 is housewarming gifts! Paper ferns are my favorite, and this one is so simple to craft. Click the link below for the tutorial and find more DIY gift ideas for new homeowners, your holiday host, or for anyone you know who loves home decor.

DAY 4: Housewarming Gifts

Day 5 is all about gifts for your gal pals, girlfriends, wives…or anyone on your list who loves to accessorize! Our monstera dish is one of our most popular craft projects — and we have some beautiful DIY jewelry you can add to this personalized gift. Along with our accessories, we also have a homemade lotion recipe and a yummy-smelling homemade body scrub.

DAY 5: Gifts for Gal Pals

Day 5 of 12 days of brilliant crafts

Day 6 is gifts for coworkers! Whether you’re playing Secret Santa at work or you just love your coworkers, we have so many fun DIY gift ideas for you to explore. Our pink paper cactus set is simple to make and will look so cute on your coworker’s desk. And if this doesn’t prickle their fancy, we also have felt and leather mini baskets for desk organization, homemade goodies they can snack on, and cute gift card holders.

DAY 6: Gifts for Coworkers

Day 6 of 12 days of brilliant crafts

Day 7 is gifts for plant lovers! Our paper plants and felt plants are great for anyone who loves the look of greenery in their home — especially if they have more of a brown thumb than a green one. Click the link below for our paper spider plant tutorial or browse our other project tutorials to find the perfect plant for your loved one.

DAY 7: Gifts for Plant Lovers

Day 7 of 12 days of brilliant crafts

Day 8 is gifts for travelers! Whether you know someone who is always planning their next vacation or travels frequently for work, we’ve got DIY gift ideas to help make packing and traveling easier.

DAY 8: Gifts for Travelers

Day 9 is all about making thoughtful monogram gifts and special keepsakes. This is a great way to create something meaningful and personal — especially for that person on your list who you’re not quite sure what to gift them.

DAY 9: Personalized Gifts

Day nine of 12 days of brilliant crafts

Day 10 is gifts for cooks! Our beeswax cloth wraps are an eco-friendly way to keep food fresh (while also reducing plastic use and waste). Along with these wraps, you can whip up some other great gifts for your favorite chef. Click the link for more DIY gift ideas, including our apron iron-on, recipe box label with printable recipe cards, and our handmade potholders.

DAY 10: Gifts for Cooks


Day 11 is gifts for teachers, principals, and coaches! These pretty paper blooms are made out of cupcake wrappers and are a sweet way to say thank you. Click the link below to browse more gifts of appreciation!

DAY 11: Gifts for Teachers

Day 12 is all about learning how to wrap your handmade gifts and make them look gorgeous. To help you with your gift wrapping, we’ve created a mini course sharing all of my best tips and tricks!

Not a member? Check out our free video sharing 5 ways to tie a bow on gifts.

DAY 12: Wrap the Perfect Gift

day 12 of 12 days of brilliant crafts