How gorgeous is this mug collection? I spoke a little in my kitchen restyle post about my love for both Scandinavian design and traditional Native American art and these designs pull those two great styles together perfectly. The geometric shapes mix beautifully with the simple Scandinavian outlines. I chose a gold and black color palette for my set and you can choose the vinyl colors to fit your own decor. Can I admit that I am completely in love with these mugs?

Now these designs are ready for you to make your own set of mugs as they are available in Cricut Design Space, (or Lia Griffith members can download the SVG below). TheΒ Cricut Explore Air 2 is perfect for this project as there are tiny details in the design that will prove tricky to hand cut. After sizing and cutting the design into your vinyl, use your weeder tool to remove all of the additional pieces. Use the vinyl transfer tape to remove the vinyl off of the backer paper then onto your mugs with all of the tiny pieces still in place. It is quite easy to do! You can find the detailed instructions right on the project page in Design Space.

Some of you have asked how well these vinyl designs wear and if they are washable. Our experience has been very good with hand washing, and a few times a mug was washed in the dishwasher. They are still in perfect condition! I think wear and tear might vary depending on the surface of your mugs and the brand of vinyl. We did use the Cricut vinyl and purchased these white mugs at Crate & Barrel.

I hope this inspired you to make yourself a set of custom mugs. These make a great handmade gift idea as well. Enjoy! ~Lia

Scandinavian mugs Lia_Griffith_Kitchen_Cabinets