Growing up in my household, I was in DIY heaven. My parents were artists, which means that creativity was involved in everything that we did. Homemade gift giving was big, and we especially loved making sure that our packages were beautifully wrapped with care. And so, I developed my love for gift wrapping and creating pretty gift toppers like my colorful pom poms. Today I am sharing a project that is based off those pom poms, but with a festive twist. These tissue pom poms are particularly great for DIY party decor, and they are so easy to put together! 

With Labor Day and the 2016 presidential election coming up, I went with an Americana theme using my new Americana Tissue Paper Pack, which is available for purchase in my shop. I also included these pom poms in my 4th of July bicycle decor because they were the perfect patriotic accent. With one pack of this tissue paper you can make five tissue pom poms. The photo tutorial below creates pom poms that are 9 inches in diameter, but you can certainly use this technique to create any size of pom pom that you would like! To make this project, all you will need is tissue paper and twine. We used baker’s twine with metallic gold stripes to accent our party theme. You will use this twine to hang the tissue pom poms, so the length of the twine depends on how large you would like your loop to be. 

Once you have your materials, start by folding the tissue paper sheet in half. The sheets in our Americana Tissue Pack come in perfect squares, so it does not matter which end you fold it from. You can make tri-color pom poms like we have, or you can make solid colored pom poms if that fits better with your party decor. Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below to make these spiky poms! I will say that this project is very forgiving, so no need to worry about perfection here. My hope is that you will have fun with it! Browse some of our other party decor and ideas for inspiration, or take a look at our tissue crafts to explore the material more. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for a daily dose of DIY inspiration, or head to our membership page to start crafting with us. Cheers! ~ Lia