TissuePoms1As well as our upcoming line of  gorgeous crepe papers, we are also planning to launch a line of pretty tissue papers specifically for crafting and making – yay! In preparation for this line, we have been revisiting some of our previous tissue paper projects and experimenting with past designs. Some of my personal faves are the full bloom rose, the pretty poppies and the Spring tulips – all made from tissue paper. But our tissue paper gift topper was, and still is a huge hit, and so we are sharing this again today in a scrumptious updated palette. 

Sometimes I like to choose tissue papers to compliment one another in a whimsical, contrasting way rather than a matchy-matchy way and that’s just what we have done here. The patterned tissue adds a whole other level of gorgeousness to this gift set – you can find patterned tissue papers online or in all good craft stores. The other great thing about tissue paper is that it’s so easy to work with – just give it a gentle scrunch in your hands and it transforms from flat, lifeless flower to something much more realistic. Once you have made your tissue paper flowers, you can simply glue them to the top of a wrapped gift, punch a hole through the center and tie it on with bakers twine or ribbon, or use a sticky pad to hold it in place – simple!

Head over to this post to find the tutorial for this gorgeous tissue paper flower and download the pattern below. Don’t forget to share your makes with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #DIYDreamingWithLia – I will always share my faves 🙂 Enjoy! ~ Lia