Start by gathering your materials. We also used a special trick for making this bouquet look so pretty: bleach! Dipping your tissue paper in some bleach will give it the blended ombre effect that we have on our blooms. And it is so easy! You simply have to fold your tissue paper following our photo tutorial below, and then dip the edges into a bleach concoction. To mix your bleach, you will only need to add water. The ratio should be generous with water. Bleach goes a long way! Your mixture should be no more than a quarter bleach. I would recommend using this higher concentration of bleach (about 3 parts water to 1 part bleach) for darker tissue papers to create a more vibrant effect. Using too much bleach with lighter colors of tissue, however, will just make the tulip look white. Play around with different ratios to make a beautiful variety of tissue tulips! Dip your tissue somewhere between a half-inch or inch into the bleach. Tissue paper is super absorbent, so the dipping process should be quick. After you have dipped your tissue paper, the bleach will continue to absorb into the paper. So, for example, bleaching a half-inch of the paper will likely turn into a full inch after the paper dries. You get the idea!

Let your bleach dry completely before you cut your petals. I let mine dry overnight just to make sure. Print the PDF template below as a guide for cutting out your petals, leaves, and inner bits of the blooms. We chose a sunny yellow, lavender, and a pink coral tissue paper for our spring color palette. We also used the light yellow tissue for the inner pieces of our blooms. Pick out a grassy green for your leaves. We decided to use card stock because we thought the contrast between the delicate tissue and the sturdy card stock looked so unique and interesting! To make the tissue tulips, make a small loop at the top of your floral wire. Use hot glue to secure your petals around the floral wire loop. Each flower should include three petal sets. To finish the flower, cover your wire with green floral tape and then glue on your card stock leaves. See the photo tutorial below for a visual demonstration of this process!

Make an arrangement of these beautiful tissue tulips to decorate your home for spring, or make a bouquet to give to your mom for Mother’s Day. These would also be gorgeous to incorporate into spring and summer weddings! Add a centerpiece with these tissue tulips to each table at your wedding reception for a pretty and festive nod to the blooming season. Tissue is a wonderful material for paper flowers because it is delicate and light, just like so many beautiful blooms we see in nature. For more tissue paper flower designs, pop over to our tissue roses and our tissue poppies, both fantastic for summer decor. Or, browse all of our paper flower and plant ideas for refreshing your home decor! And be sure to share your creations with me by tagging me on Instagram, using the hashtag #DIYDreamingWithLia, emailing them in to hello@liagriffith.com. Enjoy! ~ Lia