Potted-Paper-TulipsI have included a tutorial for the steps to make these tulips on the right side panel of the post – you can download the PDF of the tulip pattern. There are two pages to this PDF, one for the front and the other to print on the backside. Just make sure you have the green back behind the leaves and the red behind the tulips. I really do prefer text weight, not cardstock, for most of my paper flowers since the lighter paper curls softer and will not leave ridges. When gluing the 6 petals onto the stem, you can see that I positioned the inside three to curl in and the outside three to curl out. You can do it as you like since all flowers are different. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper-Tulips-potted Watercolor-Paper-Tulips Watercolor-Tuplis-Paper PaperTulipTutorial