DIY-Crepe-Paper-TulipsAs you may have noticed, most of the flower patterns and tutorials I share on my blog are made from printer or metallic paper. To mix things up a bit I have been working on some crepe paper flower projects and decided to share with you my version of a crepe paper tulip. Though I have made tulips from printer paper and will share them here as well, these crepe blooms are so easy to make and perfect for that pop of spring color. Crepe paper come in different weights and quality. Though I love crepe that is 180 grams (and are $7 a roll), these spring flowers are made with a lighter weight 100 gram crepe that I purchased at Paper Mart (and are $1.93 a roll). Perfect for a project where you might need a lot of flowers. For this project I used the colors Lavender, Mauve, Daffodil and Moss for the leaves. The trick to working with any crepe paper is to make sure the grain is vertical to the petals and leaves. This will allow you to gently stretch the crepe to make the realistic curls and shapes. I found the paper covered stems at Jo-Ann craft stores. You can use the package of straight wires or they also offer the same look in a roll. Jo-Ann also sells the green floral tape. I have prepared a step-by-step tutorial for you below and at the end of the post you can download and print the pattern for these pretty spring tulips. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Make-Paper-Tulips DIY-Paper-Tulips Make-Crepe-Paper-Tulips