Our western-themed collection would not be complete without some horse crafts! This month we have two kinds of horses for you — a felt horse stuffie from Krista and this articulated paper horse that Emily designed. 

The supplies we used are linked below, and you can find the photo tutorial at the end of the post.

papercut articulated horses

Hay, look how cute!

There is something about horse toys that feel a bit nostalgic. Plus they are just so cute! This articulated paper horse is very easy to make and can provide tons of open-ended, imaginative play for kids.

We love the speckletone paper Emily chose as it looks very natural and realistic. But you can always use whatever kind of paper you prefer. We do recommend using cardstock, though! This will give your paper horses more structure and durability than if you were to use text weight paper.

Skill level: Beginner

Crafting tip: Though we do recommend using a cutting machine since these horses have some tiny cuts, you could use detail scissors for those more narrow spaces. 

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How to Make an Articulated Paper Horse

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download and cut the pattern below.
  2. Use brads to connect the head over the neck and the neck over the body. Use another to attach the tail.
  3. Sandwich the body between each set of legs and connect with a brad.
  4. Add the lower half of the legs — the short in the back and the long in the front.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

papercut articulated horses tutorial by Lia Griffith
handmade paper horses

papercut horses

articulated paper horse

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