Sometimes we want a DIY project that works well for a certain season or holiday. And this is one of those projects! The colors that our designer Krista used for this paper dahlia wreath make it perfect for both fall and Halloween. We can’t wait to hang this one up! Scroll down to see how you can make your own paper dahlia wreath.

Black and purple paper dahlia wreath hanging on wood stool

Make Your Dahlias Shine

Our designer Krista used metallic paper from PaperPapers to give these dahlias a little shine and shimmer. She also used a black art marker to further darken these purple petals. 

If you want more Halloween flower ideas, check out our crepe paper Queen of the Night lilies. You could also make this Halloween scene in a glass dome, which is a really easy paper craft.

When you’re ready to craft your paper Dahlia wreath, gather the tools and materials below. We recommend using a cutting machine for this one since there are some intricate details. You can find the SVG file for this dahlia wreath at the very end of the article. We’ve also included a printable PDF below if you’re using scissors. Then just follow the instructions or photo tutorial below! You can also download and print instructions, if that’s easier.

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  1. Gather tools and materials.
  2. Cut out paper pieces according to template. The flowers are cut out of fig and black, and the leaves and ferns are a mix of black and onyx.
  3. Starting with the 4 smaller black, inner flower pieces, curl the tips of the petals inward using a curling tool or edge of scissors.
  4. Form the 3 smallest identical pieces into cones and glue the sides together along the slit.
  5. Glue the 3 petal pieces together, one inside another.
  6. Color the fig petal pieces in a gradient with a black art marker, with the smallest (the center of the flower) being the darkest. The outer-most petals will have just a little bit of color down the middle.
  7. Curl the petals around the tapered end of a chopstick.
  8. Start gluing the petals onto the back of the center in a stack, smallest to largest, starting with the last all-black piece.
  9. Rotate the petals as you glue the dahlia together.
  10. Fold the dahlia leaves in half along the score line and curl the edges.
  11. Paint the embroidery hoop black, if desired. After drying, arrange the finished flowers and leaves onto the hoop. Layer leaves for texture. The bulk of the leaves in our wreath move in the same direction counter-clockwise.
  12. Lightly curl the tips of the leaves and ferns for more movement.

Photo tutorial for black and purple paper dahlia wreath by Lia Griffith

Black and purple paper dahlia wreath next to scissors, ribbon, and cloth Black and purple paper dahlia wreath hanging on wood stool Black and purple paper dahlia wreath Black and purple paper dahlia wreath hanging on wood ladder

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