To make your paper roses you can watch my video tutorial here which gives you clear step-by-step instructions on how to put this pretty paper rose together. You can then take a look at this post to see how to assemble the paper rose bouquet. The secret to getting a really soft looking paper rose is to curl the petals gently with a curling tool before gluing the layers together – you will see exactly how to do this in the video but I would urge you to have a little play with some scraps of text-weight paper before you commit to your metallic paper.

I always love to see my paper flower designs out there in the world so if you make this paper flower bouquet please do share pictures with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. See you there! ~Lia

Rose_Bouquet_Paper_Black_Halloween Halloween_Rose_Black_Paper_Bouquet Halloween_Black_Paper_Rose_Bouquet Black_Paper_Rose_Bouquet_HalloweenBlack_Rose_Paper_Bouquet_Arrangement_Halloween