Paper_Leaves_Book_PageI am a glutton for paper craft and normally like to challenge myself with new paper flower designs. But sometimes the simplest paper craft projects are the best. How gorgeous are these delicate book page paper leaves? Make a whole bunch and fill lots of little bottles and jars along your windowsill or cut just one or too for a simple yet striking look. You can find the pattern for all of these beautiful leaves at the end of this post. 

If you are using a cutting machine, we would advise against using the pages of vintage books for his project because they are just too delicate. Instead we suggest that you print a book page image onto regular 11×8.5″ printer paper and cut the templates out from there. You can find our book page prints below – simply open and print onto regular printer paper.

We cut our book page paper leaves using the SVG file and our cutting machine but these are simple patterns to cut by hand so I have also included the PDF at the foot of this post. Simply print again onto your book page and cut around the template lines. Once all your templates are cut out, fold the leaves down the center gently to add a little dimension. Using a little hot glue, attach the leaves to a short piece of white floral wire. Use white floral tape to bind them onto a longer wires adding a few leaves to the stalk. You can tie  floral wire stalks together using white floral tape to create a small yet delicate bunch. Feel free to experiment! We bound some of our leaves at different points down the stem then gently bent some of the leaves out. Again, feel free to play, experiment and allow your creativity to blossom! Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper_Leaves_Book_Pages Book_Page_Paper_Leaves Paper_Leaves_From_Book_Pages DIY_Book_Page_Paper_Leaves Book_Page_Paper_Leaves_Template