Copper Wall Art Alright. Today I’m going to give a bit of insight into our creative process in the studio. With a lot of the more “crafty” projects on the site, we tend to create prototypes as we perfect the designs. We want to test how do-able the projects are and see if there are certain materials that may make the project better. And sometimes, we even end up creating multiple projects during this process! Recently, we shared our gorgeous copper wire leaf decor set in concrete and covered with copper foil. This post is all about how you can use the same technique to make this intricate and unique copper wall art! 

When our designer Jessica was creating these copper wire leaves, she first started with a thin, malleable 24 gauge copper wire. Starting with a thinner wire is a great way to get the feel for the material. She created three prototypes, and then re-created them with the thick, 16 gauge wire. And the result was those beautiful copper wire leaf accent pieces! After finishing that project, we were left we those three original prototypes made with 24 gauge wire. They were a bit too delicate-looking to set in a weighty material like concrete, but they were still gorgeous and we wanted to use them in some way. So we turned to one of our favorite home decor concepts, shadow box art! I’ve used this technique with paper flowers in the past, and I loved the finished piece. And thus, this copper wall art project was born. 

Copper looks gorgeous against darker tones like charcoal and navy, so we picked up some basic square frames in black from Ikea. Instead of spending extra money on a mat to put into the frame, we bought some black art paper from our local art supply store, Blick. Because we were making shadow boxes, we ditched the glass from the frame, but you could very easily keep this part. We then took the frame, added the black art paper background, and simply used hot glue to attach our copper botanicals directly to the black paper. And that’s it! DIY copper wall art that is unique and fabulous! To make this copper wall art, you can use the PDF template below as a guide for bending your wire. Feel free to also refer to the photo tutorial from the copper wire leaf decor to help you through this!

If you are curious about what other home decor you can pair with our DIY copper wall art, browse all of our DIY home decor projects for inspiration! Send in your photos of your copper creations by sharing them on Instagram with #DIYDreamingWithLia or emailing them to Feel free to write in with your project suggestions, and then browse our membership options to start crafting with us! Until next time ~ LiaCopper Wall ArtCopper Wall Art