This is one of those projects that I almost feel giddy to share. I love it so much! Our designer Jessica came up with this stunningly stylish copper wire leaf art that would look good incorporated into any home decor.

The best part is that these gorgeous leaves can easily be used as a fabulous DIY jewelry stand to organize your earrings and necklaces! It also features one of my favorite design combinations — copper and concrete. If you saw our DIY concrete planters, then this technique will look familiar to you.

Copper Wire Leaf

To make your own copper wire leaf decor like ours, you will need concrete, copper wire, and copper foil. You should be able to find the copper wire at your local jewelry or hardware store. We used two sizes of copper wire to make our copper leaves: 16-gauge wire and a thin, very malleable copper wire.

Begin by printing the PDF template below. There are three different leaf designs included in the template. Choose your favorite, or make all three!

For this project, you’ll use the template as a guide for bending your wire to form the leaves. If you are a newbie working with copper wire, I would suggest practicing with the thinner wire first! Once you get the feel, you will be more confident working with the thicker wire.

To bend your wire, use a pair of needle-nose pliers. Simply follow the template to create your copper wire leaf art! After bending the leaves into shape, you can use the thinner copper wire to wrap the base of each leaf and add cute accents. Finish this step and set your leaves aside while you move on to mixing your concrete.

The most important thing to remember is to mix your concrete with a disposable utensil in a disposable container! We mixed ours in to-go coffee cups with a plastic knife. Mix your concrete according to the instructions, and then stick your leaf into the wet concrete. One trick is to stick the stem of the leaf through a few sheets of aluminum foil, and then have the aluminum foil rest on the edge of your container. This will help hold the copper wire leaf in place while the concrete dries.

Let the concrete dry overnight and then remove the container from around the concrete. We then added copper foil to our leaf set, but this is totally optional. If you want to add foil, be sure to wait a couple of more days before applying it to the concrete. The concrete will dry enough overnight to take off the container, but there will still be a lot of moisture in the concrete. So make sure the concrete is completely dry before you start foiling!

To foil, simply use Mod Podge glue from your local craft store. You can refer to our step-by-step photo tutorial below to help you through any of these steps.

And there you have it! A super easy (although a little time-consuming) DIY project that is fabulous and functional! Use our DIY copper wire leaf set to keep your earrings organized, or just use them as cute metallic decor accents for your living room.

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