In addition to how fun this piece is, one of the most satisfying things about this project is its simplicity. First, you'll arrange the felt balls on your gold macrame hoop. Next, secure them in place with a dab of craft glue, and let them dry. Lastly, use floral tape (covered with floss) to attach the smaller hoop to the larger one, and voila! You've created a stunning Bright Felt Ball Wreath to hang and admire.

Once your materials are gathered, let your creativity run wild as you bring your Bright Felt Ball Wreath to life! This craft is a perfect canvas for playing around with different color combos, patterns, and placements until you find the perfect mix. In Latin American culture, bright colors symbolize everything from joy and celebration to the vibrant tapestry of life itself. 
When your Bright Felt Ball Wreath is complete, display it proudly as a testament to the beauty of Latin American culture and the simple joy of crafting. Whether you hang it on your front door or the wall or use it to brighten up a cozy corner of your home, we hope it brings a smile to all who see it.

We can't wait to applaud your bold and Bright Felt Ball Wreath, so remember to share it with us in our crafting community or on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.