We love these Cardstock Peregrina Flowers their bright red blooms and lovely detailing. However, crafting a paper flower that looks fresh enough to pick from the garden takes time and patience. With that in mind, we consider this an intermediate craft. Also, while detail scissors will certainly get the job done, we still recommend your cutting machine for this project. Once you’ve gathered your tools and materials – it’s time to get crafting!

In Latin America, the Peregrina Flower, also known as Spicy Jatropha or Jatropha integerrima, is revered for its vibrant colors and resilience. Its fiery red petals reflect the warmth and intensity of the Latin American spirit, while its ability to thrive in diverse climates serves as a reminder of the resilience and adaptability within each of us.

We've chosen a combination of fiery Pimento and warm Caramel Apple cardstock to create a base for your Cardstock Peregrina Flowers. Our step-by-step tutorial will help you apply different techniques to really turn up the wow factor. For instance, we’ll walk you through adding a bit of depth and dimension to your Peregrina petals with colored pencils and paint markers. Once complete, it’ll be hard to tell them apart from the real deal!

Your finished Cardstock Peregrina Flowersare perfect for accenting floral arrangements, adding a pop of color to a bookshelf, or creating a festive centerpiece. We’d love to see how you’ve styled your Cardstock Peregrina Flowers, so snap a photo and tag us on Insta with #MadeWithLia, or upload into our crafters’ community.