Even though summer is beginning to slip away, we have one more tropical craft to share with you! We designed a few new tropical plants last month, including our heartleaf philodendron, our arrowhead vine, and our polka-dot plant. But we promised you one more plant, so here it is — our paper swiss cheese plant!

Just like the philodendron and the arrowhead, this swiss cheese monstera plant is a trailing vine that is easy to recreate. All you will need is our DIY template and a few simple crafting materials. Once you have everything assembled, just follow our photo tutorial to craft this fun tropical plant in less than 10 steps.

 Cheesy Peasy!

Swiss cheese plants are known for their heart-shaped leaves and large oval holes. Since there are quite a few holes to cut, we recommend using your cutting machine if you have one. If not, you can still cut our PDF template by hand. Either way, this paper swiss cheese plant is a simple and straightforward DIY project. But if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

To make our paper swiss cheese plant look more realistic, our designer Meagan created two sizes of leaves for you to cut. This will make the plant look like it’s getting bigger as it “grows.” She also used our favorite basis green text weight paper. You can use the same color for your plant or try a lighter green shade to see what you like best. Whatever you decide to do, share it with us by tagging #MadeWithLia on Instagram or Facebook!

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How to Make a Paper Swiss Cheese Plant

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the plant template below.
  2. Cut paper according to the template notes, using scissors or a cutting machine.
  3. Cut your green floral bind wire into 8-inch pieces — one for each leaf.
  4. Glue the wire to the base of a leaf; then glue the wire cover over the wire.

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DIY photo tutorial for paper paper swiss cheese monstera vine

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