3d paper ornaments Adore-naments

Add a touch of sweetness to your holiday tree with these cute 3D paper ornaments. With simple lines and solid colors, these ornaments evoke a retro candy feel. Their whimsy comes in the way that they twirl around, creating a striped visual effect as they turn. For these ornaments, we used the same paper palette as our DIY advent calendar and “Happy Christmas” banner. Why not make all of these projects for a color-coordinating Christmas? 




  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut out your paper according to the pattern (a cutting machine is recommended). Cut two in each color. Fold each piece in half lengthwise.
  3. Glue two halves together using a flat paintbrush to apply the tacky glue. Match up the edges as close as possible.
  4. Glue together four pieces to make half of the ornament.
  5. Continue gluing the rest of the pieces, matching up the edges as best as you can with the spines of the folds aligned in the middle (like book pages). Using a Cricut scraper tool or bone folder will help smooth out any wrinkles. Leave the last side unglued and open (shown in tutorial).
  6. Cut a length of thread and knot the ends together.
  7. Glue the knotted end of the loop along the inner spine of the ornament, coming out of the top.
  8. Glue the last side together, matching the edges up, and let it dry. You can open the ornament in half and flatten under a heavy book if needed. Pop open the sides to make it 3D again.


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