Felt Necklace

Begin this felt necklace project by cutting your felt leaves. We used 3 colors of felt for our necklace: light grey, charcoal grey, and mauve. We then created a fourth color of leaf by adding a metallic copper iron-on to the mauve felt. To do this, add a square of iron-on to your felt and then cut the leaves out from there. Our smaller leaves are about an inch long, and our larger leaves measure up to an inch and a half long. Once you have your leaves cut, prepare the chain for your felt necklace. Slip your copper wire through your flexible copper tubing. We used about 6 inches of copper tubing for our necklace and trimmed it using a tubing cutter. When your wire is threaded through the tubing, use your round nose pliers to wrap the wire and create a small loop on each side of the copper tubing where you can attach your chain. After you’ve attached pieces of chain on either side of the tubing, secure the clasp findings to your chain using pliers. Next, use hot glue to add the felt leaves to the tubing. Before gluing the leaves, we used the knife edge of a pair of scissors to create a small indentation down the center of the leaf to mimic the leaf’s veins. Then, scatter the leaves in any way that you would like! You can certainly use your creativity to customize your perfect felt necklace.

The last step in creating this necklace is to add the pearls. You can simply glue the pearls onto your felt leaves. Alternatively, you can thread a bit of copper wire through the pearls, then wrap the wire and create a small loop on each side of the bead. This is the same technique as creating the loops around your copper tubing. Once you have created your loops, you can then sew your pearl beads onto your felt necklace with a basic sewing needle and some copper thread. Now your copper and pearl felt necklace is ready for wearing and gifting!

This necklace would be a wonderful Mother’s Day gift, but it is also a great gift for any occasion. If you are interested in making more DIY jewelry, browse all of our projects here. For more Mother’s Day gift ideas and inspiration, head over to our Mother’s Day section! Thank you to everyone who tuned into AM Northwest to see this felt necklace live in all of her beauty. I wish you all a fabulous Mother’s Day! ~ Lia

Felt NecklaceFelt NecklaceFelt Necklace Tutorial


  • Round Nose Pliers


Found at any Bead & Jewelry Store:

  • Copper Chain
  • Copper Clasp Findings
  • Pearl Beads
  • 18 gauge copper wire
  • Flexible Copper Tubing (also found at hardware store)