Tools and materials for your copper wire gift toppers:

Copper wire comes in a ton of different sizes, so choose the thickness that is best for you. We recommend something that is not too thick, because it will be difficult to bend. We used 20 gauge copper wire. You will also need a pair of round nose pliers and wire cutters to make the words. Our copper wire gift toppers include three holiday words to dress up your packages: merry, joy and cheer. Print our PDF template for the words, written in a pretty script font. Of course, if you would like to use a different font, you can easily create your own template! 

Techniques for working with copper wire:

To make these copper wire gift toppers, place the copper wire directly over the template, and bend the wire as you work your way across the word. We recommend leaving about an inch-and-a-half long tail on either end of the word. When you begin, create a small loop that you can use to thread your ribbon or twine through after you finish the word. Use round nose pliers to help you do this! You will also want to use round nose pliers around tight corners, or to flatten any areas with overlapping wires (like the loops in the R’s). When you finish with the word, you can also create another loop at the end for threading ribbon. 

Once you have your completed words, style them onto your gifts in any way you’d like. Have them hang off the ribbon like a gift tag, or attach them flat onto the gift. Take a look at our photos for inspiration! For more unique gift wrapping ideas, head over here. Browse our Christmas projects, or read over our ultimate DIY gift guide to help you create the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Do you have ideas for a copper wire project you’d like to see next? Let us know! We love getting you in on the creative process. Enjoy! ~ Lia and the Team