One of the fun parts of moving is figuring out how you want to organize your things to fit your new space. At least I think it’s fun, anyway! Since I just moved, I decided it was time for new pantry labels. I’ve made a few different styles over the years—farmhouse, chalkboard, and more. But this particular design reflects my new craftsman-style home. I love the detailed look of these labels and couldn’t wait to put them on all my jars. Now, everything in my new pantry looks nice and orderly! 

Perfect Your Pantry

As you may know, I love to cook and bake. I just shared this gluten-free bread recipe yesterday! When you use your kitchen every day, having everything organized makes it easier to grab exactly what you need. Pantry labels also make it easier to keep track of the foods, snacks, and spices you have in your kitchen and see if you need to shop for a certain item soon. Now you can buy exactly what you need when you need it! 

I made four different label options, which you can download below. Make sure to also download the free front KlinicSlab before editing your labels. You’ll see a couple of the pantry label options have two lines—these are great if you need more room to be descriptive. For example, the two-line labels would come in handy if you have different types of flour (almond, coconut, etc.). Once you edit your pantry labels, just print them on full sheet labels, cut them out, and stick them on your pantry jars or bins. So simple! 

Having my pantry items organized like this makes me feel happy, calm, and ready to take on any recipe. What do you think? Do you like using labels to sort your stuff? 

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Person holding two jars with pantry labels for sugar and pecans Labels for pantry jars on kitchen counter with measuring cups and vasePantry labels for sugar, flour, and ginger DIY pantry labels for pecans and pasta jars