create a stunning space with canvas printsThere’s something about a decor update that makes my heart sing. I love revamping and refreshing a room at least once a year. It’s a wonderful opportunity to experiment with styling and perfect your eye for decor. I encourage this in all of my friends, family and fans. There are a few simple decorating tricks that I tend to draw from. My short list includes changing the wall color, adding new pillows or throws, rearranging the furniture, or (my favorite) adding new artwork to a focal wall. Minted has been one of my go-to places for great art these past few years. You may recall the Pacific Northwest inspired art wall or perhaps the gallery wall in our studio living room. Both of these collections have some of my favorite Minted-made pieces.

After painting the walls of our new studio/living room space a gorgeous emerald green, I knew I had to look into some art accents from Minted. It was a sweet excitement to discover that Minted is now offering gallery wrapped canvas artwork. This wall needed large statement pieces. The canvas prints were a great way to fill the space in a stunning and affordable way. Glancing through Minted’s offerings, I knew I needed to spend some time planning the wall, so I made myself a cup of tea, turned on some music, and put on my art-curator specs. Oh what fun!

My method for choosing art goes something like this:

  1. Choose one piece as the main focus and make is something you love to look at. I knew that I wanted a painterly piece with a modern twist. When finding Oja, I knew it was my focal print. It brings in the emerald tone of the wall and enriches with other greens and blues. And it has a hint of my favorite subject — flowers! I fell in love and ordered the largest wrapped canvas they offered to fill the wall.
  2. Pick other pieces to support — not compete — with the focal piece. The other four pieces I chose are almost monochromatic. The photograph called The Island gives a calm morning feeling with a canvas filled with white mist. Winter Windswept is a blue watercolor print. Mineral 1 focuses on the green palette. And Surround Me is a simple, but beautiful, gold-hued drawing. All of these pieces pick up on the colors of Oja, but don’t fight for the focus. 
  3. Find repeat patterns, shapes, and colors for all of the pieces. Again, the colors of all the art I chose connect back to the focal piece. I also chose four squares and two have artwork painted in a circle shape. The other two have a repeating horizon line across the lower half. I chose three canvas prints and added two framed prints. I love my frames to repeat — the simple white wood is often my preferred pick.
  4. Mix large and small artwork. This is a great tip for both the size of the art and the size of the details within the artwork’s composition. This collection mixes large brush strokes and large white spaces with smaller details in surrounding paintings.

Arranging the art on the wall can be as delightful as curating your artwork is. A tried and true tip is to cut paper to match the size of the art and arrange the paper on the wall before hanging. Another option is to arrange the pieces on the floor before transferring the layout to the wall. Just remember that you can always move the nail if you find a better arrangement.

My final tip for selecting and hanging art in a living space is to add 3D texture to your arrangement. I love to do this with bits of nature, sculptural items, wreaths, wall lamps, or anything else that adds that final touch to your display. For our wall, we used a few pretty wreaths for that special accent.

My honest review of Minted gallery wrapped canvases: I would buy more again in a heartbeat. The quality is amazing! The canvas is thick and the frames are sturdy. With such a large collection of art to choose from, I love the flexibility they offer in being able to choose canvas vs. framed in many different sizes. Order yours today and delivery and delivery takes just a few short weeks. Choose Minted and make all of your home decorating dreams come true!

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