DIY Wedding GreeneryA Gorgeous Leaf Garland for Your DIY Wedding

Getting married is supposed to be one of the most exciting times in your life, but sometimes the stress of planning the event can distract from the excitement. That’s why we always try to create gorgeous DIYs that can help you envision your dream event, with all the instructions and resources you need to make it happen. Our newest DIY wedding project is something that you can use to decorate your wedding chairs, church pews or to display as a botanical table runner. Enlist some friends to help you cut the crepe and you can knock out this DIY wedding greenery project in one afternoon!

Tools & Materials

  • Scissors
  • Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun
  • Crepe Paper [Floristic: Spearmint, Pine, Pistachio, Gold Satin]
  • Thick Cotton Twine


  1. Gather tools and materials listed above.
  2. Print PDF template and cut crepe pieces according to pattern in any colors you like.
  3. Glue leaf pieces together (see Tips section for guidance). Create as many as you need for your specific garland.
  4. Gently stretch the outer edges of the leaves to give them some movement, then glue the leaves directly onto your cotton twine so that they are all pointing in the same direction.


There are 4 different leaf sizes to create variation in your greenery, and we used multiple shades of green to give the garland pretty visual depth. You will need to cut two separate pieces of crepe for each leaf so that the grain of the paper is pointing upward on both sides of the leaf. For a shimmery accent, we also incorporated some gold leaves into the design. There are two main techniques for gluing the leaves together. One option is glue one side directly on top of the other, and the overlap creates the middle vein of the leaf. Or you can pinch two front edges together so that the leaf folds open like a book. We recommend crafting a combination of both! For tips and tricks on crafting with crepe, make sure to watch our Crepe Paper 101 video.

Once you finish your leaves, glue them directly onto the twine to bring your DIY wedding greenery to life. Of course, you can also make your garland with other color combinations depending on your specific wedding decor. Find links to the crepe that we used in Shop this Project below, or browse all of our color options in our shop.

Everything You Need for a DIY Wedding

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