crepe paper dogwood




  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut out your crepe paper according to our pattern, following the grain lines.
  3. Color the edge of the white crepe petals that dip in with a tan art marker.
  4. Ruffle the edge of the crepe that you just colored. Gently stretch the petal outward from the middle. For the dogwood buds, stretch the petals into a cupped shape.
  5. Curl the bottom edge of the petal under using a wooden skewer or chopstick.
  6. To make the center of the dogwood flower, fold the rectangular crepe piece in half lengthwise. Fringe along the folded edge.
  7. Wrap and glue the fringed piece around the end of a branch. Fluff out the fringe.
  8. Glue one of the petals to the base of the fringed crepe. Then, glue a second petal opposite of the first.
  9. Next, glue on two more petals, opposite of one another. You can add a bit more glue to the underside to keep the flower more open.
  10. Cut strips of crepe to match the leaves and wrap the base of the flower and part of the branch. You can also use floral tape if preferred.
  11. Finally, glue small leaves under the flower buds and the bigger ones onto the branch itself.


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