In addition to launching our Halloween collection, we did a BONUS live workshop this month! This was a free LIVE workshop on October 14th at 11:00am PT (replay now below) to teach you how to make some gorgeous crepe paper Halloween wall flowers. We are posting the supplies now so you can get ready for the workshop and order what you need as things sell out fast sometimes.

Everything you need is linked below, and you can find the free pattern at the end of the post.

crepe paper Halloween wall flowers (video)

Wall you need is flowers

Jumbo-sized flowers make such beautiful wall decor. We placed these crepe paper Halloween wall flowers above our mantel to create a stunning statement piece. However, we think they would also make great decor for a Halloween-inspired bridal shower, baby shower, or wedding. No matter how you use them, we want to see them, so make sure to share photos with us on our crafters community page or by using the hashtag #MadeWithLia on Instagram or Facebook.

Ready to get started? Part of making these crepe paper Halloween wall flowers involves laminating our paper with fusible web to create double-sided crepe paper. We will show you how to do this during our live workshop so you can use this technique over and over again. Once we have the crepe paper ready, we will show you step-by-step how to assemble these beautiful paper flowers with their unique centers.

Skill level: Beginner

Crafting tip: Due to the jumbo size of these crepe paper Halloween wall flowers, I recommend cutting them by hand. I will show you how to get the most from your crepe paper by cutting with scissors in the video. Since cutting with a machine would waste so much hand-laminated paper, I will provide the SVG below but will not be able to provide customer support for the cutting machine for this project.



Additional Materials Needed:


Download the template below for this flower. Note that all of the petals, leaves, and the large flower stamen will be cut from laminated crepe paper. The template will show notes on how much you will need for each flower. Since the long sleeve is 20 inches tall, you can fold it in half to 10 inches to fit the fusible web. Be sure to trim any extra web that is not between the crepe before you fuse with iron. Here is a full tutorial on how to make laminated crepe paper.