Head_Wreath_Tutorial_Crepe_PaperIn the last post we shared photos and the templateΒ for this gorgeous crepe paper flower headband with you and in this post we are sharing the tutorial so that you can make your own! We used a selection of green, coral, orange, pink, white and black crepe papers and built our wreath around a wire frame that we measured to fit before adding the flowers. Our flower templates can be found in our last post, just download and print onto card stock then cut and use as templates for cutting into the crepe papers. Below you will find out step-by-step tutorial which I promise is super-simple! My top tip for working with crepe paper would be to use your fingers to stretch and manipulate the petals and leaves to create a more realistic look. You can form really beautiful cup shapes by gently spreading the grain of the paper apart in the middle or create a delicate frill to the edges of your petals by stretching the edges very carefully. Both techniques add a realistic look to your blooms but also add depth and dimension creating a beautiful full flower headband. If you are inspired to make your own crepe paper flower head wreath, do share pictures of it with us either in the comments below or via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the #madewithlia hashtag. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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