Icelandic poppies are a favorite bloom for both florists and paper flower artists. Though we have several versions of these flowers on our site, this new template for the petals and method for the poppy centers and poppy buds will add a new layer of realism. The template also includes a new poppy leaf to add to the stem of your finished flower.

Ready to get started?

You can find the templates and worksheet right here, as well as a complete list of tools and materials.

In our crepe paper Icelandic poppies workshop, I will teach you my latest techniques while using extra-fine crepe paper for the flowers, bud, and leaves. You can use the poppy flower kit with our updated template or collect your own selection of materials, which are listed here. I recommend using the extra-fine crepe paper for this flower to emulate the paper-thin petals of the live version.

Be sure to visit our entire crepe paper flower library and check out the playlist in our video library.