Paper Lily of the ValleyPaper Perennials for Spring

Of all the tutorials and projects that we have on the site, we are most known for our paper flowers. Papercrafting is my original love, and this paper rose is really what started this whole crafting community vision for me. So naturally, we love it when we get positive feedback and requests for more flowers from readers! One of our more recent reader suggestions has been for a paper lily of the valley. Brilliant! Lily of valley is such a delicately adorable bloom, so we loved bringing it to life with our extra fine crepe. In nature, these flowers are very poisonous, so a paper version is great if you’ll be keeping them around children or pets. 


  • Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush


  • Crepe Paper [Extra Fine: White; Double Sided: Ferns & Moss]
  • Wood Beads (10-9mm; 7 per stalk)
  • Acrylic Craft Paint (yellow, green)
  • 20 Gauge White Cloth Wrapped Floral Wire
  • 24 Gauge White Cloth Floral Wire
  • 20 Gauge Green Floral Wire
  • Green and White Floral Tape


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut white crepe according the template and the bottom of the post, then cut six 3″ pieces of 24 gauge white floral wire.
  3. Using pliers, bend the tips of those six wires and one 12″ piece of 20 gauge wire.
  4. Glue wood beads to the top of each piece of wire. 
  5. Glue two circles of white crepe to the top of each bead.
  6. Stretch centers of petals, bend the tip outward, and glue five petals per bloom. 
  7. Bend stems and tape the short stems to the long ones, staggering each stem. 
  8. Continue attaching stems and tape down the length of the stem.
  9. Mix green and yellow paint to desired shade and paint the stems.
  10. Using a rotary cutter, cut two 3″ strips of green crepe.
  11. Cut the leaf pieces according to the template.
  12. Paint leaves, fanning out from the center edge.
  13. Allow to dry and glue the wire to the edge,
  14. Glue the second half of the leaf on top of the wire.
  15. Wrap green floral tape down the stem.
  16. Bend the stems and leaves to make them more realistic. 

Follow our photo tutorial below for visual guidance in bringing this paper lily of the valley plant to life!


This flower is a perfect example of how to best use our extra fine crepe – anything heavier than extra fine would look too bulky for these tiny blooms! With the thinner paper, we can capture all the glorious details of these beauties. If you are new to crafting with crepe paper, we encourage you to watch our Crepe Paper 101 video for guidance on cutting and stretching the material. This flower project is particularly special because it combines papercrafting with painting to give the plant realistic visual depth. 

What Next?

Once you finish your paper lily of the valley plant, you can incorporate it into your home or office decor. Lily of the valley was actually featured in both Grace Kelly’s and Kate Middleton’s bridal bouquets, so these are perfect for weddings! You can browse all of our paper wedding flowers for more inspiration, or find our entire collection of crepe flower tutorials to build your own bouquet. As you can see, we love hearing our readers’ suggestions (because you have fabulous ideas!), so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below with a project idea you’d like to see in the future. To start finding the unique creativity that lives in you, head over to our membership page. See you there! ~ Lia & TeamCrepe Lily of the Valley Paper Flowers DIY Lily of the Valley