We consider these Crepe Paper Monstera Leaves an intermediate craft due to the various techniques used to achieve a realistic finish. However, if you're feeling up to the challenge – go for it! Download our SVG file and let your cutting machine do the heavy lifting. But don't stop there! Grab your curling tool, paintbrush, and Mod Podge – they'll be your secret weapons to bring these beauties to life.

Similar to the verdant landscapes of Latin America, these Crepe Paper Monstera leaves embody a sense of lushness and vitality! Nicknamed the "Swiss cheese plant" for its signature holes, the Monstera leaf is a symbol of good fortune in many Latin American countries. In fact, many believe having a Monstera plant in their home brings blessings of wealth and happiness. Soon, all that good luck will headed your way!

Much like their living counterparts, we love these Crepe Paper Monstera for their striking green color and bold appearance. Furthermore, they're extremely versatile! Style them in a pot for a low-maintenance houseplant that thrives only on good vibes, or let them stand tall in a vase alone. Also, these would make a stunning addition to any tropical bouquet (think dahlias and hibiscus) for a truly unique and eye-catching arrangement.

But don't forget to share your gorgeous Crepe Paper Monstera Leaves with us! Snap a picture of your finished project and post them in our crafters' community, or share them on Instagram using #MadeWithLia.