Mum’s the Word

Get creative with crepe this fall season! Our stunning crepe paper mum flower is a work of art… and so simple to craft. We’ve created both PDF and SVG cut files for you to choose from, depending on your cutting tool of choice. Simply gather the supplies listed below, download the pattern and follow along with our step-by-step instructions. Say hello to autumn!

Tools & Materials


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut out the crepe paper according to the pattern.
  3. Curl each petal with the grain. Stretch the centers of your petals.
  4. Glue the center fringe, followed by the smallest petals, around 22-gauge floral wire.
  5. Then glue ten of the medium sized petals around the flower base, followed by all twenty of the large petals.
  6. Next, glue and place the last ten medium sized petals to the outside of flower.
  7. Finally glue the two sides of the leaves together with 26-gauge floral wire in between. Cover the wire with floral tape.
  8. Cover all flower stems with green floral tape.

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