Our crepe paper peonies workshop is now available! Peonies are such a popular flower to make — and they are one of my favorites — so I had to include them in our Spring Summit. Just like the other flower patterns, I created a new design for this flower. So if you’re using our kit for this workshop, make sure to download the new template or SVG cut file from the workshop.

Ready to get started? Head to the workshop now.

In our crepe paper peonies workshop, the steps include a detailed version of the flower centers and an additional sized flower between the bud and the full bloom. This updated version also uses double-sided crepe paper for the petals and leaves, giving the finished flower extra charm. For the stem and sepal, I used extra-fine crepe.

When you’re ready to craft this flower, you can use the pre-made kit with this updated template. Or collect your own selection of materials.

Don’t forget — this is a free workshop for all members during the month of April! After April, this workshop will only be free for annual members. To see all of our online classes and workshops, head over to our Craft Academy.