Our first Spring Summit workshop is now available to all members! In this workshop, I will be teaching you how to make crepe paper roses and buds using double-sided crepe paper. And for the leaves and sepals, we will be using extra-fine crepe paper. 

If you’re not a member, this is a great time to join us as an annual member. Or you can try us out with a monthly membership. Monthly members will get all four workshops during April for just $9.99. But if you want to have them for an entire year, make sure to sign up for our annual membership (which will also give you access to our master class!). Check out your membership options here.

double-sided crepe paper roses workshop

When you check out the tools and materials list for this workshop, you will see that you have some options for making these crepe paper roses. You can either use our flower kit, which includes the crepe paper, floral wire, and floral tape to make 12 roses. Or you can grab the individual materials from our shop. 

If you do get the kit, keep in mind I have updated the rose template that comes with the kit. You can find my updated flower pattern here on the workshop page.

This new pattern for the petals makes it easier to form and shape a perfect rosebud as well as a small, medium, and full-size bloom. As always, there is flexibility to use the supplies you have on hand and to make whatever size roses you want after watching the video tutorial. For reference, I have made three of each size.

Once you craft your crepe paper roses, make sure to share them with us on our private Facebook page for members. You can also post photos on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia so we can spot them. We can’t wait to see your beautiful roses!

For more details on our Spring Summit maker workshops, you can check out this post here. We will also send you an email reminder once the next workshop is available.