In this workshop, we will use double-sided crepe paper for the petals and an extra-fine crepe for the sepals and leaves.

Let’s Get Started!

When you check out this workshop’s tools and materials list, you will see that you have some options for making these crepe paper roses. You can use our flower kit, which includes crepe paper, floral wire, and floral tape to make 12 roses. However, you can also grab the individual materials from our shop. 

If you purchase the kit, keep in mind I have updated the rose template that comes with the kit, and you can download the updated SVG or PDF right here in the right column.

This new pattern for the petals makes it easier to form and shape a perfect rosebud and a small, medium, and full-size bloom. As always, there is flexibility to use the supplies you have on hand and to make whatever size roses you want after watching the video tutorial. For your reference, I have made three of each size.

 For more crepe paper flower videos, visit our entire video library.





  • Lia Griffith Crepe Paper Flower Kit – Roses
    • (NOTE: we are using different patterns than in the kits, which you can download here)