This is one scabiosa you won’t want to pick

The scabiosa is known for its round blooms and protruding stamens that look like pins sticking out of a pincushion. For this reason, they’re also called pincushion flowers. Whatever you call them, they are beautiful flowers that you can enjoy in your home year-round when you make them out of crepe paper!

This flower also comes in many colors, including pink, white, cream, lavender, burgundy, and red. Since we are going for more of a dramatic look for this month’s craft collection, Meagan chose a dark purple for her crepe paper scabiosa flowers. You can do the same or choose to make them in another color. 

Skill level: Advanced since there are a lot of small pieces to assemble.

Crafting tip: The needle-nose tweezers are very helpful when assembling the petals and placing them around the flower.

How to Make a Crepe Paper Scabiosa Flower

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the flower pattern below.
  2. Cut crepe paper according to template using scissors or a cutting machine.
  3. Use hot glue to attach ball to the tip of an 18-gauge wire.
  4. Stretch the ball cover over the ball using white glue to attach.

Full tutorial available for members to download.

crepe paper scabiosa tutorial by Lia Griffith

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