Wayfair_Urban_Oasis_TNSponsoredBy_WayfairAbout 6 months ago, when the team and I moved into our new studio space, I also decided to do some relocation of my own. I moved from my cozy home in the suburbs to a downtown loft to be closer to the new studio. I have to say that one of the things that I miss most about my old house is the beautiful backyard. Now that I have my new loft, I only have a small area where I can put a bit of outdoor furniture. So I had to do my best to utilize the space to its fullest potential! My number one goal of any outdoor refresh is always to make the space feel inviting because I love entertaining. I had to create my own urban oasis, and using outdoor furniture and accents from Wayfair was the perfect way for me to accomplish this!

I went with an orange and navy color scheme for my outdoor refresh because the bright hues look great outside, and the complementary colors work well for spring, summer, and fall. I started with the Wayfair Baja Rug as my main pop of orange. For my outdoor furniture, I chose Wayfair’s 5-piece Weymouth Conversation Set in grey for a more unique urban look. I then found some fabulous pillows to tie the the furniture and rug together. The Wayfair Chessly Throw Pillow in orange, Burland Corded Throw Pillow in navy, and Chevron Throw Pillow in orange were all gorgeous additions to my outdoor refresh. Adding throw pillows can be an easy and wonderful way to liven up any neutral furniture cushions. The real piece de resistance of my outdoor refresh was the stylish Wayfair HotSpot Fire Pit, which, at about 2 x 2 feet, was the perfect size for my small outdoor space. To add some extra flair to my outdoor space, I dressed up the decor with trendy string lights and pretty planter boxes. The Wayfair Rachael Incandescent String Lights have beautiful bulbs that fit right in with Portland design trends. I then incorporated Wayfair’s Square Planter Set, 2-piece Rectangular Planter Set, and their large Veradeck Rectangular Planter Box in black to create some lushness in my urban oasis. 

When I set out to do my outdoor refresh for my new urban space, I was hoping to create something that was perfect for sipping wine with my girlfriends on a warm summer evening, but also an inspiring space that I could enjoy while just working by myself. Wayfair’s pieces were simple and trendy, which is exactly what I needed for working with a limited amount of space. I would say that creating my urban oasis turned out to be a great success! Thanks to Wayfair, I was able to Deck the Outdoors in style! As you can see from my photos, I had such a fun time inaugurating my new outdoor space with some of my closest girlfriends, delicious bites, and tasty beverages, all just in time for summer. If you are wanting to do your own outdoor refresh, my best advice would be to go for bold happy colors, trendy accent pieces, and classic, comfortable furniture. Enjoy! ~ Lia