Headband_Glitter_Bat_FeltHalloween is all about dressing up and having fun, but it’s not always convenient to rock up to the office in a full Bride of Dracula costume. Don’t panic! We have the perfect solution in our DIY bat wings headband. This is a super-simple Halloween project to make at home. All you need is the pattern below, a piece of black felt (glitter felt if you fancy a little sparkle!), fabric scissors, glue and a black plastic headband. 

Print the template, using the PDF below, onto regular printer paper. Cut it out and transfer the pattern to your felt using chalk or a white pencil. Cut the pattern out and assemble the bat wings headband by wrapping the black felt band around both the wings and headband. Secure the felt band at the back with a low temperature glue gun or fabric glue. You now have the perfect handmade Halloween fascinator to wear to work, school or to add to your spooky Halloween costume. For more creepy Halloween crafts take a look at our recent DIY Halloween projects or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what we’re sharing next. See you there! ~ Lia 

Felt_Bat_Headband Headband_Felt_Bat_Halloween Glitter_Bat_Headband_Tutorial