Headband_Glitter_Bat_FeltBat Winged Beauty

Do you want to embrace Halloween but don’t have the time (or energy!) to get yourself a full-on, prize-worthy Halloween costume? Our DIY bat wing headband is super cute and inexpensive to make. Also, it means you can join in the fun without the stress!

How to Make Your Bat Wings

Print the template below onto regular printer paper. If you are not a member of our craft community yet, head this way to get involved. Cut it out and transfer the pattern to your felt using chalk or a white pencil. Cut the pattern out and assemble the bat wings headband by wrapping the black felt band around both the wings and headband. Secure the felt band at the back with a low-temperature glue gun or fabric glue. You now have the perfect handmade Halloween fascinator to wear to work, school, or to add to your spooky Halloween costume.

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diy bat wings headband for Halloween diy bat wings headband for Halloween Photo tutorial for diy bat wings headband for Halloween by Lia Griffith