Fireplace_Wood_CoverI have been having such a great time giving my living room decor a fresh summer color splash and finally shared the reveal earlier this week. One of my favorite DIY projects for this summer look is the birch wood fireplace cover to keep the unused space looking like something other than a deep, dark hole. You can see my first version of styling with birch logs and candles from a few years ago and though this did the trick, I knew I wanted something that made a bigger statement. To echo the beautiful rustic wooden mantel that I built with my carpenter friend last year, I added to the natural tones with sliced disks of birch wood. For this fireplace cover I recruited a carpenter to cut lengths of birch wood into the disks. We then measured and cut wood to fit into the face of the fireplace as well as a few pieces that would be screwed on as back legs to hold it in place. We then glued the disks onto the black painted wooden board. I think it brings a wonderful sense of the outdoors into my space, it softens the look of the fireplace and the repetitive circular disc shapes are the perfect contrast to the geometric grid of the tile surround. I’m a little bit in love, can you tell? If you are feeling inspired to make your own fireplace cover you can follow the step-by-step tutorial below to make your own version. Simple! ~ Lia