If you’re looking for stunning statement pieces for your living room or family room, large canvas art is the way to go. Or, you can create your own canvas art using fabric! Do you have a wall that could use some artwork? Or maybe a room that needs a quick refresh? This DIY canvas art looks amazing on my mantel—and it’s really easy to make.  

Convert Your Canvas Into Art

I purchased this fabric from Fabric.com because I liked the print. If you have a favorite fabric you’ve been eying, want to upcycle leftover fabric from a different DIY project, or you create your own fabric, a canvas is a great way to display it! Plus, it’s easy and inexpensive to switch out once you’re ready for a new look. 

I used less than a yard of fabric to make this DIY canvas art. And I like it so much that I plan on using the rest of the fabric I bought to recover the ottoman in my family room.

All you need are a few simple tools and materials—and just a small amount of time—to make this kind of fabric artwork for your own wall. If you end up making your own canvas art, I’d love to see which fabric you chose! Make sure to share your DIY projects with us on Instagram using the hashtag #MadeWithLia

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  1. Gather tools and materials.
  2. Using pinking sheers to stop fray, cut your material larger than the canvas, to fit around all sides.
  3. Staple fabric around all four sides, pulling snug.
  4. Fold corner over bottom edge, then staple with all extra fabric hidden behind canvas.

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DIY fabric canvas art on mantel with home decor

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