DIY cork turkey
Thanksgiving is a good time to take out your craft stash and get involved in some fun creative projects. Our DIY cork turkey is the ideal afternoon craft for grown-ups and little ones to make at this time of year. Fun and simple to make, this project had us giggling all afternoon in the studio – he’s just so goofy and cute! Why not have the materials laid out on a low table for the kiddos during your family Thanksgiving celebration? You can pre cut the felt pieces so they can select their own feather colors and add the tail, beak and snood with craft glue. Using black ball mini push pins the eyes are the finishing touch. We found all of our materials, the corks, felt, pins and glue at our local craft store. The pattern for the felt pieces can be downloaded using the button at the end of the post and includes three sized for small, medium and large corks. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Tools & Materials

How to Make a Felt and Pine Cone Turkey

  1. Gather your craft materials. Then download our turkey pattern at the end of this post.
  2. Use the pattern to trim your felt pieces. There’s also a pre-colored version if your kids want to make this turkey out of paper instead.
  3. Use glue to put the face pieces together and then the tail feathers (follow the template notes).
  4. Glue the tail feathers onto the back of your pine cone.

DIY cork turkey
DIY cork turkey