Crepe Paper Artichokes!

I love how these crepe paper artichokes turned out. The pliability and soft colors of the crepe paper gives it a very organic and yummy feel. Don’t they look like they came straight from my garden? I will have to watch myself to make sure I don’t just plop them into a pot of boiling water

You all know my love for paper flowers and the delicious little artichoke is actually an edible flower from a thistle-like plant in the sunflower family native to the Mediterranean. When I lived in Monterey, California way back when, there were fields of artichokes along the freeway heading North. That is when I fell in love with both the look and the taste of this pretty edible bloom. It is quite fitting that I will be using these crepe paper artichokes in my Fall and Thanksgiving centerpiece (sneak peek below) that I will be showing you later this week. Below you will find the full step-by-step tutorial and at the end of the post you can easily download and print the PDF pattern. Remember the trick is to curl the petals. Cheers! ~ Lia


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