Crepe_Paper_Lemons_DIYOooh hello citrus season! We are loving that our local grocery stores are full to bursting with fresh seasonal citrus fruits. What better way to shake off the cold, wet days?! Our crepe paper lemons and clementines make great handmade decorations for your kitchen or as part of a larger handmade centerpiece. Made using fine crepe papers and foam balls, these DIY fruits are easy to make and are as bright, vibrant and cheerful as the real deal!

To make these crepe paper lemons, begin by downloading the materials list and instructions below. Use sharp, clean scissors to cut the pattern out on your crepe paper, then follow our step-by-step tutorial below to assemble your paper fruits. We like to use a low temperature glue gun to assemble our paper projects – they are SO easy to use – but you can use craft glue if you prefer. 

If your taste buds are dancing after all this talk of citrus fruits, take a look at our rather delicious Warm Citrus Salad recipe and printable recipe card. And be sure not to miss any projects from the Lia Griffith studio by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’ll see you there! ~ Lia


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