Now that school is out for summer, kids have tons of time to use their imagination and create their own pretend games for playtime. Who doesn’t dream of living in a fairy tale world at some point during their childhood! If you are planning a fantastical birthday party with your kids this summer, we have lots of projects that will help you set the magical mood. Today we are sharing the tutorial to make these whimsical fairy tale mushrooms that you can incorporate into a themed birthday party, your garden decor, or into playtime with your kids! This project was the vision of our designer Jessica, who loves anything with a supernatural twist. Remember our felt garden gnomes? Adorable! 

To make these fairy tale mushrooms, we started with Floracraft® Make It:Fun® Foam Cones. To create a variety of mushrooms, we used 9-inch, 6-inch, and 3-inch cones. For the caps of the mushrooms, we used 6-inch foam balls as well as foam eggs. Time to get crafty! Once you have your foam, all you will need is Mod Podge glue and tissue papers in the colors of your choice. That’s right, Jessica decoupaged these cuties! This project was especially fun because we never tend to do decoupage projects (with the exception of foiling). Decoupage projects are great because they are a safe and creative crafting activity for kids. And they are so simple!

Begin your fairy tale mushrooms project by choosing your cones and cutting your foam caps with a knife. Play around with different sizes of mushrooms! We made some with larger caps, smaller caps, and some with egg-shaped caps. Create an indent on the flat side of your caps so that you can attach the stem later. Once you have your foam ready, start applying tissue paper with Mod Podge glue. For our red-capped mushroom, we applied two layers of orange tissue and then one layer of white tissue to the cone base. You can use this same basic technique for all of your mushrooms. To create texture on the caps of your fairy tale mushrooms, you can either cut the tissue paper into strips or shapes, or you can make dents in the foam by pressing with your thumb. The red caps are made with an outer layer of 2-inch circles of tissue paper. You can then add the white polka dots by decoupaging bits of white tissue paper.

The finishing touch on these fairy tale mushrooms is the 180 gram crepe paper detailing. Add a strip of white crepe to the bottom of the caps to make the mushrooms look more realistic. You can also add bits of crepe around the stems of the mushrooms with hot glue. Use your creativity to make them unique! The last step is attaching the cap to the stem with hot glue. Of course, you can use these mushrooms in any way that you would like. Here we added them to a super cute cupcake display for an Alice in Wonderland or fairy themed children’s party. I also love the idea of styling them in your garden with the felt gnomes or the felt watering can!

If you want to create a whole fantasy world, be sure to check out our fairy tale finger puppets and DIY fairy princess costume too. Stay tuned for tutorials on how to make those adorable little foam lady bugs and the tissue paper butterfly cupcake toppers that would look great on birthday cupcakes! I would love to see the fairy tale mushrooms that you create, so please share your photos with me by hashtagging #MadeWithLia on your Instagram photos, or emailing them to Cheers! ~ Lia