How to Make Finger Puppets
Last week I revealed our Foam Fairy Tale Kids Castle with matching fairy tale finger puppets thanks to FloraCraft’s Make It: Fun Project Bricks. I have already included the photo tutorials on how to make finger puppets for the wizard and dragon in a previous post, and now I will show you how to make finger puppets for the princess, knight, and unicorn to complete your fairy tale set!

For these finger puppets, you will be using the same materials as your wise wizard and fearsome dragon. Start by choosing your felt colors. Make sure to find a dark grey for your knight’s armor and a crisp white for your unicorn. Other than that, you can choose any colors you would like for your other pieces! Make a trip to your local fabric store to find some matching embroidery floss, sewing needles, and black beads for the eyes. We added a glitter gold iron-on to the unicorn’s horn and the princess’s crown, but these are totally optional. Print the PDF templates below and cut out each of the shapes to use as a guide for cutting your felt.

Use a mix of running stitches, blanket stitches, whip stitches, and hot glue to assemble your finger puppets. Learning how to make finger puppets is a great way to introduce all of these sewing basics to your little ones! Members can follow the step-by-step photo tutorial to see how to make your fairy tale characters, and also use the additional download to print out a full list of materials and instructions for this finger puppet project.


How to Make Finger Puppets

I would love to see this Kids Castle project out in the world! Are you learning how to make finger puppets and are feeling proud of your creations? Share your photos with me! Email them in at, or tag me in your Instagram photos. I love sharing my favorites! See you soon ~ Lia & team