We have been getting a little giddy over handmade jewelry lately and have a list of fun and easy projects we want to share with you over the next few months. Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or difficult to make and it is our aim to bring you lots of lovely projects that tick all the right boxes – beautiful, inexpensive and simple to achieve.

We are kicking off our handmade jewelry tutorials with this gorgeous felt ball necklace. This is my favorite DIY jewelry project for both beauty and simplicity. The felt balls can be purchased online or in a good craft store in a variety of sizes and colors meaning that you could make one of these necklaces to fit every outfit you own! As you probably know I’m into my navy blues and teals at the moment and so my necklace reflects that love.

We chose two sizes of felt balls and threaded them onto a strand of tan wax cord. We also did another version with 3 strings of embroidery thread that was braided at the end and then fixed onto an end coil and lobster claw. Since this was the more detailed version, you can see it in the tutorial below.



You’ll need a set of small jewelry pliers to secure the findings but they can be picked up for next to nothing at your local craft store and are always handy to have in your craft tool stash. We also made the felt bracelet shown above – adorable don’t you think? Follow the simple guide below to make your own felt ball necklace but I encourage you to be bold and play with size and color – dare to make something you truly love! Enjoy! ~ Lia

Felt_Ball_Necklaces_DIYFelt_Ball_Necklace_Red_DIY DIY_Felt_Ball_Necklace_Blue