DIY wool felt ball trivets

One of the reasons I love a DIY gift is because of all the love and thoughtfulness that goes into it. Plus handmade gifts are often very useful! These wool felt ball trivets can be used as a hot pad or under a plant pot to protect the surface. If used as a hot pad, we would recommend using white glue, and under a plant, we would use hot glue. These two methods are also great for kid’s crafts, as you can prepare the trivet base and then have the kids join in on the gluing fun!

However, we also have another version of this project that shows you how to sew the felt balls together to create the wool felt ball trivet if you prefer that method instead. If the trivet needs to be washable, we do recommend the sewing technique. This is a good beginner method as well but requires someone comfortable using a long needle.

For these wool felt ball trivets, we used our 2cm wool felt balls. In our shop, we have ten colors to choose from to customize your trivets. The designs are made in a hexagon shape, with the smaller trivet using three balls per edge and the larger using four. You can download the full tutorial and the template for the trivet base below.

Skill level: Beginner

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How to Make Wool Felt Ball Trivets

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the template above.
  2. Cut out felt, interfacing, and fusible web according to template using scissors or a cutting machine with a rotary blade. 
  3. Iron the felt hexagon with a hole in the center to the extra firm fusible interfacing.
  4. Iron the second felt hexagon to the backside of the extra firm interfacing. Place the fusible web between the felt and firm interfacing to attach.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

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wool felt and felt ball trivets tutorial by Lia Griffith

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wool felt ball trivets

handmade wool felt ball trivets