img_6355Today we are adding some cozy texture to our kitchen with these felt ball trivets! The holiday season is approaching and usually that means dinner parties and entertaining. If you want to protect your tables from hot platters and pans, you can easily craft up a DIY trivet or two using felted balls in your favorite colors. This project is super simple, and also a great gift option for tweens and teens to make for their family members! 

We used 3cm felt balls for our DIY trivet, but we also recommend using 2cm balls. Benzie Design has our favorite felted ball selection! Download the printable instructions for a full list of materials you need for this project. Make sure that you are specifically getting long needles and heavy duty thread – you can find links in Shop this Project. We went with a fall color scheme for our trivets, but you should be able to find felt balls in any color imaginable. Arrange your felt balls before you start sewing to make sure that the finished trivet looks cohesive! We made our DIY trivet a perfect square with 7 balls on each side. This measures to about 6.5 inches wide. Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial and printable instructions to craft your trivet.

While you are making your trivets, feel free to make some matching coasters! You can use the same technique, or arrange the balls in a circle instead. It’s up to you! If you want to find more projects that you can make with felt balls, be sure to check out our pom pom sweaters or felted snowball garland for Christmas tree decor. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily doses of inspiration. Or, get it on the fun by browsing our membership options! Enjoy ~ Lia and the Team 


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